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L.F.G. ~ Jungle/Top/Mid/ADC/Support Empty L.F.G. ~ Jungle/Top/Mid/ADC/Support

Post by Coolcatks007 on Mon Oct 07, 2013 11:05 am

I play my roles pretty equally, except for ADC, where I could use a bit more practise.

Other than that, check out my stream @ twitch, with the same username as mine, or look at my match history for J4 & Trynd. I don't usually tryhard, but when I do, I make plays.

But other than a quick, bragging, self-righteous introduction, hey there! I'm looking for a team, any team, don't even care about the roles. I do anything, but I'll be quick to point out my jungle and top are wonderful. I essentially play SPLAT! J4 and crit Trynd all day when I do try, or I run Talon or Morde @ Mid for those fun moments of 6v4 & Did you see me? Nope? Splat.

Down at bot, I can run literally anything for support, and my ADCs (the good ones) are currently limited to Cait & Lucian.

Up top, I run AD bruisers, or a mean Jax made to hypercarry. I've ran quite a bit of AP @ top as well, and I can even run Draven or Lucian, (kindof ezreal, but after the new renek-top stuff its iffy).

So, thanks for reading my Intro and description! Gimmie a message in-game ~ Coolcats007 / A Heart of Ice, and I'd be happy to show you some smackdown time!

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