Custom Mouse pad for $1!

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Custom Mouse pad for $1! Empty Custom Mouse pad for $1!

Post by Reneshin on Thu Oct 10, 2013 9:06 pm

Hi fellow summoners of York U's LoL Club!

Found something on the LoL subreddit and thought I'd share, it's for getting your custom mouse pad (soft) for only $1 which includes shipping depending on where you live, but the discount is $10 so it should cover for pretty much most if not all of the shipping.

So basically, you go here:

Make an account, go to this link, save an image, upload the image, and then proceed to checkout.

Once at checkout, it will ask you to input a promotion code, and you get one for yourself as well when you buy one.

Mine is: Z099PLAYA426T

This expires on the 31st of October so do it quickly! Unfortunately, you can only get one per household using this code.

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